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Can we talk about this. 
This is probably the biggest apology Jack’s ever made.

He knows he hurt Ianto by running off (without telling him either) and that he found happiness (by meeting up with the Doctor again) while Ianto suffered alone.

It’s not a “sorry” or “please forgive me”. It’s asking Ianto out on a date. That’s how Jack rolls.

And Ianto’s still not happy with him even though he is happy he’s back, add to that a past lover of Jack’s just randomly shows up and swoops him away, but he sasses through it because sass is his armor. Sass is what he has. Sass protects him. (wait. wrong fandom reference)

But did you see how fast Ianto answered “yes” to that? Even though he’s hurt and knows he’ll be hurt again and again, he keeps trucking. Ianto ships this ship and is what makes and keeps this ship above water.

And Jack came back for Ianto. Jack could have went on to travel the many planets and stars with the Doctor but he came back because of Ianto (and the team). He could’ve easily rejoined John Hart on his offer and went on their merry little charades but Jack wanted John Hart gone because he’s a disruption of their peace. His peace with Ianto. 

This ship is the best ship to sail the seven seas.

OTP at its finest.

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